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The SCHS&FLA has an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
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The Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association Presents:

A Matching Gift Challenge for the Susan Olszewski Stone Honorary Endowment

For over 100 years, the Susquehanna County Historical Society and Free Library Association (SCHS&FLA) has been proudly serving our county-wide communities—preserving and sharing our local history while building a network of free libraries that serve as hubs of not only information, but of friendship and aid.

But many of the very things that make the SCHS&FLA so special also present the greatest challenges.

Because the simple fact is, free services still require funding.

And while the county is generous in its support, there’s an inevitable gap every year that we have to fill through philanthropic donations.

Any venture like ours depends on the generosity of those we serve, that is, on the support of the community.

It’s a constant struggle—functions as basic as keeping the lights on and paying our staff a proper wage require a steady stream of philanthropic support.

And while vital to our ongoing success, our normal annual fundraising efforts have only gone so far.


A unique opportunity

Now, through the generosity of two local anonymous donors who recognized this ongoing need, we have a chance to not only strengthen our financial base, but also begin to plan for the future.

Seeing both the urgent need and the future value to all of Susquehanna County, these donors have created an endowment with a highly compelling twist—by offering to match, 100%, every dollar raised through December 31, 2022, up to a total of $500,000.


That means every dollar YOU GIVE equals TWO.

Every Dollar Helps Every Branch

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to double the impact of your contribution to the entire organization—and to your own branch of the Association in the process. Through these efforts, we can help ensure the continued health and success of an irreplaceable community resource that's touched each of our lives in one way or another.


It Takes a Lot of Love.

It Also Takes a Lot of Money.


As we work to steadily improve our services—like building better children’s programs, investing in technology, and offering more and more personalized services—we’ll continue to rely on your loyal support through our annual Support Drive and other revenue-generating efforts.

But contributing to this Endowment is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make every dollar go twice as far… preserving the past, empowering the present and unleashing the future for our community.

Please give what you can today.

Sue Stone Fund Montrose, PA Community Foundation
Dear Friends,

This will sound ironic coming from a retired librarian and lifelong advocate of learning, but I simply don’t have the proper words to thank you—the members of our community. For over 40 years, you blessed me with your friendship as we bonded over our shared love for the SCHS&FLA. You’ve also blessed the entire organization with your generous support over the years. And we remain as grateful as ever.

Money is always a concern for small, community efforts like ours. And I’m incredibly thankful we have such wonderful, giving people in our neighborhoods.

I’m humbled and honored that the creators of this new Endowment chose to name it after me. And I feel the only way I can thank them is by doing everything in my power to ensure that their wishes are met—that we, as a community, can step up and reach the $500,000 goal, in order for them to generously DOUBLE it.

A century ago, our founder Francis Cope was so intent on ensuring every member of the county could benefit from access to a library, that he bought World War I ammunition boxes, filled them with books, and shipped them to any community in our 832 square mile county that wanted one.

That spirit of giving and sharing still lives in the heart of every staff member of the SCHS&FLA. And by maximizing this Endowment, we can help ensure that they’re able to continue serving the community they—and we—love.

Thank you,

Community Foundation Building
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About the Endowment

Named in honor of our much beloved—and recently-retired—Administrator/Librarian for her decades of loyal service to the community, the Susan Olszewski Stone Honorary Endowment was created to help the SCHS&FLA continue its empowering work in the community.

Managed by the Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains right here in Susquehanna County, the Susan Olszewski Stone Honorary Endowment will serve as an investment vehicle to help generate income, offset operating costs, and help lay the groundwork for future growth.

But to maximize the opportunity, we very much need your help.


Susquehanna County Historical Society & Free Library Association

Fun Facts!



We have a hand-painted banner advertising the last panther shot in Susquehanna County. The panther was shot in 1856 by Brushville native Samuel Brush. While we have the banner, the panther itself is on display at Penn State's All-Sport Museum as the famous Nittany Lion!



Talk about a multi-use space! The Borough Building, which houses the Forest City Branch Library, was built in 1902. Since then it’s served as a McCann Brothers clothing and shoe store, a Post Office, a jail, and the Enterprise Hose Company! We moved in in 1939, and became the very first branch of the library association in July of 1967.



Did you know that our building was originally built to be the Town Jail? A concrete lock-up facility was built by Alfred E. Badgley for the Hallstead Boro in 1915 for $1,900. Five years later, we moved to our present location at 201 Franklin Street to share the facilities. We sometimes had to close due to rowdy inmates!



The Susquehanna County Library headquarters in Montrose was the first library in Pennsylvania to provide countywide bookmobile service, beginning in 1924. Today the county is served by a book van which delivers materials to various locations along with a Books-by-Mail program to mail items to patrons.



We have a seven-foot-tall paper mâché elephant named Pierre! (Yes, you read that right.) He was made by a local student years ago for a performance of The Phantom of the Opera, and was donated to the library after the show. We dress him up for various holidays, including his very own giant Santa hat!


Every Dollar You Give Equals TWO

Please give what you can today.

Consider remembering the Susan Olszewski Stone Honorary Endowment in your will.

Contact 570-278-3800 for more information.



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